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Klangvägen – one of many unique trails


Do you like hiking?
 Then Västerbotten's the place for you. 
Short and intensive? Long and taxing? Or perhaps stunning and relaxing? Or why not try Klangvägen - a unique hiking trail with a focus on sound.

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Västerbottens Museum – great for all the family

Museum för familjen

If you're in or around Umeå and wondering what to do with your family, why not make your way to Västerbottens Museum? It has something for everyone and this year the programme is broader than ever.

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Sweden's best lay-by is in Västerbotten

Vojmån bästa rastplatsen

Sweden's best lay-by is in Västerbotten - according to a survey conducted by Swedish vehicle-owners association Motormännen.

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Skellefteå – a wild salmon eldorado


Skellefteå is home to three wild salmon rivers within 20 minutes' reach. Nowhere else in Sweden can match this. Anders Cederberg does 97 percent of his salmon fishing on one of them - the Byske River. Why? Well, because in his eyes nothing can match a shiny, steel-coloured salmon from the Byske River.

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Svansele attracts with adventure


Home to Sweden's largest wilderness museum. And much, much more. In Svansele, adventure is never far away and a wilderness buffet is always on the go.

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Älvtåets Gröna – an experience for all the senses

Älvtåets gröna

In Umeå, urban and rural are never far apart. Follow the Ume River until you see a horse farm and you'll have found Umeå's new green restaurant. Central but still in the countryside.

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Packages from our entrepreneurs

Emma's pictures of the northern wilderness

Emma Dennehy

Emma Dennehy wanted to experience the wilderness of Västerbotten - and to become a better photographer. So she decided to travel to Kalvträsk and Conny Lundström.

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The Vindel River – a biosphere reserve


What does the Vindel River have in common with places such as Camargue, Denali, Yellowstone, Amboseli, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Pantanal and Galapagos? Well, since February this year the river valley is a candidate for UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere programme.

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Photographer who likes autumn

Fotograf Magnus Ström

Photographer Magnus Ström likes autumn. The intensive colours give photographs something extra.
    "You have to make the most of the good days," he says.

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Experience the dramatic landscape of the Mårdsele Rapids


If you like to enjoy good food and dramatic natural surroundings then the Mårdsele Rapids Café and Restaurant is definitely worth a visit.

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New nature reserves in Boliden


A number of orchids and other rare plants found in two marshlands outside Boliden have gained sanctuary following the establishment of two new nature reserves.

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