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On the hunt for elk


This is the entrance to what is commonly called Europe's last wilderness. From a slow start with coffee and cinnamon buns and a visit to a wilderness exhibition to a freezing-cold swim in the middle of nowhere.

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200 different kinds of snow

vasaloppets spår

The first snow has fallen over Västerbotten. Winter is coming and cars must have winter tyres. But did you know that the Sami have 200 different expressions for snow and its quality?

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Undiscovered delights in southern Lapland

Borgafjäll, Kittelfjäll and Klimpfjäll in southern delights Lapland are undiscovered delights for many winter tourists. These three long valleys, all close to one another, are all different in nature and so are suitable for everyone - from families with small children, downhill skiers and snowboarding enthusiasts to the bravest off-piste daredevils. This beautiful countryside is far from being overexploited, and besides its great skiing, it also has a range of other winter activities, culinary experiences and unique architecture to offer.

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When gods meet in the heavens


It was Galileo Galilei who gave the Northern Lights their Latin name Aurora Borealis. An apt description of the phenomenon that attracts and fascinates us.

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The Call of the Sorsele Wild


The trip begins in Ammarnäs. Up onto the Ammarfjället mountain and straight out into silence. You hear only the swishing of the sled and the dogs panting. Come along on a dog team adventure in true Jack London spirit.

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Snowmobile adventure from the mountains to the coast


Winter is upon us. Do you dream of speeding along over a sparkling white snowy landscape on a snowmobile? Then Västerbotten is the place to be!

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Packages from our entrepreneurs

Downhill and Cross-country in Västerbotten


The county provides fantastic opportunities for both downhill and cross-country skiing, in the mountains, inland and on the coast.

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Skellefteå – a wild salmon eldorado


Skellefteå is home to three wild salmon rivers within 20 minutes' reach. Nowhere else in Sweden can match this. Anders Cederberg does 97 percent of his salmon fishing on one of them - the Byske River. Why? Well, because in his eyes nothing can match a shiny, steel-coloured salmon from the Byske River.

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Snow – the way you relate to life

Kittel, liten

For the Sami snow is more than just frozen water. It is a way to express what their whole existence is built on - the migration of the reindeer. For the skier snow is also more than just snow. It is the way you relate to your whole life.

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Västerbottens Museum – great for all the family

Museum för familjen

If you're in or around Umeå and wondering what to do with your family, why not make your way to Västerbottens Museum? It has something for everyone and this year the programme is broader than ever.

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Klangvägen – one of many unique trails


Do you like hiking?
 Then Västerbotten's the place for you. 
Short and intensive? Long and taxing? Or perhaps stunning and relaxing? Or why not try Klangvägen - a unique hiking trail with a focus on sound.

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