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Every picture tells a story


Imagine that someone who has travelled all over the world chooses to settle down in Boliden, just outside Skellefteå, in Swedish Lapland. Why, someone might wonder? Well, it's because Boliden is the best place on earth. That is if you ask Neil and Julia Crighton.

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When the story is a place


A Västerbottensost (Västerbotten cheese) can only be made at Burträsk dairy. This is written in capital letters on a window inside the Visitor Centre. This may sound a bit strange, but if you listen to one of the many storytellers in this place, you quickly come to understand that Burträsk district is sitting on a number of remarkable stories.

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Three reasons to visit Skellefteå this winter!


If you pay a visit to Skellefteå at any time during the winter months, you will be struck by three things in particular: the proximity, the events and the ice hockey.

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Västerbotten's Best Hiking


Do you enjoy hiking? Then Västerbotten is the place for you. The beautiful and dramatic landscape leaves no one unmoved.

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Packages from our entrepreneurs

Markets and Festivals you Don't Want to Miss this Summer


Västerbotten is packed with events during the summer. There's also no shortage of big local festivals. Åsele Market, Umeå Football Festival, The Folk Festival on Holmön and The Trästock Festival in Skellefteå are some of the largest. 

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Top class fishing in Västerbotten


Västerbotten has fishing waters to suit everybody, beginners and pros alike. A number of the fishing waters in the county are internationally renowned and entice crowds of Swedish and foreign tourists to visit every year. "Fishing is an incredibly relaxing pastime, but at the same time it's exciting. It's really something worth doing," says Mats Byström at Fiskecentrum in Saxnäs.

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The Seven Rivers Art Route - The World’s Longest Art Exhibition, From Coast to Mountains.


Let Art lead you on a voyage of discovery through Västerbotten. The route from the coast at Holmsund in the east to Borgafjäll in the mountains of southern Lapland in the west is lined with 12 different works of art. A journey along the Art Route also provides fantastic experiences in nature and passes through many sites of cultural historical interest.

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Activities surrounding the Capital of Culture Year in the whole of Northern Sweden

Nordligarummet Puff2

The Capital of Culture is Umeå, however the four northernmost Swedish counties and the whole of Sameland together comprise The Northern Room.

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In the Tracks of a Wildlife Photographer

Kanotsafari Puff

Imagine how it might be, to leave all the bustle and stress behind you for just a few days, to breathe in the scents of the forest and meet those four-footed, or winged, inhabitants face to face, as you take on the role of nature photographer.

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