Wild and beautiful Västerbotten in Lapland boasts varied natural surroundings and a wide range of activities to enjoy. If you'd like to know more, or the latest information or help planning your trip, we recommend contacting one of our destinations.

South Lapland

The South Lapland area comprises the municipalities of Vilhelmina, Dorotea, Åsele and Strömsund and is about the same size as Belgium but with only 25,000 inhabitants. South Lapland boasts 10,000 lakes and 150 mountain peaks that are more than 1,000 metres above sea level. As one of Europe's last wildernesses and encompassing both mountains and forestlands, there are fantastic opportunities for outdoor pursuits on a par with the best in the world, and then there's the diverse Sami culture in the area. In South Lapland the great outdoors is never far away and untouched wilds are on the doorstep of all four urban areas.

Gold of Lapland

The Gold of Lapland spans northern Västerbotten from coastal Skellefteå and Robertsfors, across Norsjö, Lycksele and Malå and all the way to the Ammarnäs mountains in Sorsele. We have a broad range of unique activities and experiences, an industrial history that has formed much of our community, the famous Västerbotten cheese and the fauna and flora that characterise our area.

Visit Umeå

Bjurholm, Nordmaling, Robertsfors, Umeå, Vindeln and Vännäs go to form the Umeå region. Together, these municipalities have a unique range of things to offer – the pleasures of the city in the form of shopping, restaurants and night life, wilds and incredible adventures just round the corner. Untouched nature, miles and miles of forest, the rolling sea along 800 km of wind- ing coastline, the rush of the rivers, light summer nights and a modern city offering a wide range of cultural activities – and all within an hour's drive.

Visit Skellefteå

Skellefteå is a wonderful summer city offering activities and sights to suit all tastes. And when the summer comes, it's time to party here in the city! We have lots of music and fabulous encounters to offer during the City Festival. During the last weekend of August, enjoy the end of the summer with events devoted to food. The Matfesten food festival is Northern Sweden's biggest food event, and it's well worth staying a day extra for it. And we also have beautiful countryside in the form of sun-soaked coastland and wild forests, cultural gems and exciting history, but perhaps most importantly: we have people who are full of love.

Hemavan Tärnaby

In Hemavan Tärnaby, the views are majestic and the opportunities many. If you're looking for some summer peace and quiet, you'll find it here together with mountain adventures that you'll never forget. Fishing, cycling, hiking, picking mushrooms or cloudberries – those golden moments of summer are all close at hand.

Visit Vindelälven

The Vindel mountains and the Vindel River are the place to visit for breathing space. We have one of the most accessible mountain ranges you can imagine, as well as old, fairy tale-like forests, tasty cuisine, world-class fishing and great cultural experiences.