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Västerbotten and southern Lapland offer stark contrasts. Between the coast and the mountains, you'll find everything from wilderness to bustling cities. Welcome to our region!

Our destinations



Ammarnäs is the gateway to the Vindel mountains and offers activities that include fishing and hiking – you can even follow Kungsleden, the famous trail. Ammarnäs offers many types of accommodation: camp sites, cabins and hotels.


Sweden's best skiing? Well, yes, according to many. On your piste map you'll find a nice mix of slopes. You also have the chance to try heli-skiing – if you dare! The Hotels in Kittelfjäll arranges your accommodation in a double room, hostel or cabin.


Nature and culture combined with shopping and entertainment make Malå a popular destination. From the top of Tjamstan Mountain in the middle of Malå visitors can enjoy views of Lapland's natural surroundings. The Tjamstan slopes are a popular retreat for skiers, not least those with young children.


Welcome to a typical coastal town in Norrland with a not-so-typical broad offering of shops, entertainment, culture, nature and things to do. Clubs are popular here: hockey in the winter and golf in the summer. Skellefteå Museum can teach you all about the local history.


Enticing shopping, cool hotels, first-class restaurants and a diverse cultural offering. Umeå is always very welcoming. Attend a festival with your friends – or fly here for a cosy weekend with someone special.

Hemavan Tärnaby

Hemavan Tärnaby offers skiing in a fantastic mountain environment with truly thick snow. Snowmobiling, fishing and hiking along Kungsleden are also popular pursuits for visitors longing for the great outdoors. Travel here on a direct flight.


Along the wilderness road is the mountain village of Klimpfjäll – a place that offers enticing experiences and fun things to do all year round.


Saxnäs is beautifully situated, surrounded by water, forests and mountains. From here you have easy access to nature, where you can enjoy activities such as hiking, fishing, cross country skiing and snowmobiling.


Vilhelmina is located by Lake Volgsjö and is a hub in southern Lapland, with the opportunity to partake of culture, nature and thrilling outdoor activities.


The adventure begins here in breathtaking natural surroundings with fishing, skiing and hiking. Renting a snowmobile is also fun. A camp site, a cabin or a hotel are a few good ways to spend the night in the authentic mountain village of Borgafjäll.


A nature reserve with a fascinating history.


Burträsk is beautifully located by a lake, Burträsket, and is surrounded by forests and an agricultural landscape. Nature and an enticing cultural offering provide visitors with memorable experiences for all the senses. For many people, Burträsk is synonymous with the special Västerbotten cheese.

Älgens hus

Älgens Hus is Europe's first elk park with tame elk. Here the king of the forest fascinates adults and children alike in a way never before possible.


A relaxing place where you can be both cultural and close to nature. Dorotea is the perfect base for hunting and fishing trips. Or what about bear watching? Camp sites, hostels and hotels are a few of the accommodation alternatives.


Geunja, a Sami mountain camp


Lycksele Zoo offers a classic family day out. You can have a fun time splashing around at Ansia Badpark. The market in Lycksele means party time and thousands of visitors – and it's held twice a year. Motor Week is another awesome crowd-puller.


Nordmaling is a coastal municipality that offers relaxing activities in natural surroundings and fantastic fishing, both freshwater and salt water. Olofsfors Bruk, Järnäsklubb and Kronören are popular destinations


A perfect mix of life in the wilds and cultural and industrial history awaits visitors to friendly Norsjö. Here you can experience Norrland's nature from above, go adventuring in the wilderness, play golf, fish and relax in beautiful natural surroundings.

Olofsfors bruk

One of Sweden's most authentic and well-preserved ironworks. Smelting works, forges, a mansion and workers' homes in good condition are open to visitors during the summer – book your visit at other times of the year.


Norrbyskär has a very special story to tell about how towards the end of the 1800s a few barren, uninhabited skerries were transformed into a blossoming community, built around Europe's largest steam-powered sawmill.


Visit the local heritage area and the Inland Line Museum. Take a boat trip on the Vindel River, go canoeing, enjoy world-class fishing or simply take in the beautiful winter landscape.


Here you can experience beautiful natural surroundings, bathing, white-water rafting, fishing and much more. And all with the untouched and beautiful Vindel River as a backdrop. Buberget is Vindeln's very own ski slope with everything from a family-friendly slope to off-piste skiing.


Åsele Market, fishing and hunting are perhaps the most common reasons for visiting Åsele, but there are plenty of other reasons to make the trip here.


The beautifully situated village of Granö is marked by undulating fields, forests and farmland. The landscape is crossed by one of Västerbotten's major rivers, the Ume. Live like a bird in a bird's nest, go on a rafting adventure, enjoy nature.


The Vindel and Ume rivers meet here. You can buy artwork, try heavenly ice-cream flavoured with both meadowsweet and Västerbotten cheese and re-live the motorised history of the entire county.


Cultural and historical environments, wonderful beaches and family-oriented winter activities. Our beautiful natural surroundings are popular with families, hikers, fishers and golfers. Visits to museums, art exhibitions, theatre performances and music events attract those interested in culture.


Midway between Umeå and Skellefteå is Bygdsiljum, a small community with many things to do in beautiful natural surroundings.


Storuman is a hub in Lapland. This municipality is around 750 sq km in area and extends all the way to the border with Norway. To the west are the mountain villages of Tärnaby and Hemavan.