Älgens hus

Älgens Hus is Europe's first elk park with tame elk. Here the king of the forest fascinates adults and children alike in a way never before possible.

It feels grandiose and unreal to be able to enter the elk enclosure and meet these huge animals up close, but it's a natural part of any visit to Älgens Hus.

The chance to pet the elk makes the Älgens Hus experience unique, but the entire visit is an exciting adventure regardless of age. How about a mystical walk through an intriguing labyrinth?

The museum guide will help you learn everything worth knowing about elk. Here you can view rock carvings, stuffed animals and a collection of record-breaking elk antlers. The museum also has a slide show that lets you follow the life of the elk through the four seasons. At the elk farm the elk are milked, with the milk used to produce the elk cheese that is often used in the restaurant's game-oriented menu.


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Älgens hus