Åsele Market, fishing and hunting are perhaps the most common reasons for visiting Åsele, but there are plenty of other reasons to make the trip here.

Åsele offers varied countryside, from beautiful rivers and lakes to mountains, marshlands and virgin forests. Attractions include Västerbotten's only national park, Björnlandet National Park, with its beautiful hiking trails, cabins and windbreaks. Perfect for a family adventure. 

Åsele is also criss-crossed by Sweden's most voluminous river, the Ångermanälven. So get out your fishing rod or take a stroll along the trails tracing the river.

If you're interested in culture and history, then stop by Åsele local heritage area, where you can learn about folk tales, fairy tales and historical events.

Norrland's largest folk festival, Åsele Market, is held each July. Over the space of four days, 150,000 cheerful visitors come to buy handicrafts, dance until late and socialise with family and friends.

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