Burträsk is beautifully located by a lake, Burträsket, and is surrounded by forests and an agricultural landscape. Nature and an enticing cultural offering provide visitors with memorable experiences for all the senses. For many people, Burträsk is synonymous with the special Västerbotten cheese.

Here you'll find beautiful natural surroundings that offer visitors the chance to go hiking, canoeing or fishing. If you're looking for large pike and zander, then Burträsket is definitely a lake you want to fish.

The local heritage area is home to a number of cultural buildings such as Risåträskgården, which originates from the village of Risåträsk and houses paintings by noted Swedish rustic artist Per Olof Hållén, who was productive in Västerbotten in the mid-1800s. Midsummer is celebrated here and two weekends in July are host to the popular Burträsksvängen, which comprises two parts – a festival and a folk music event.

For many people, Burträsk is synonymous with the special Västerbotten cheese. A visit to the Västerbotten Cheese Visitor Centre, which is open during the summer, may provide the answer to the following question: why can Västerbotten cheese only be made in Burträsk? Maybe the guide can reveal the secret? Is it down to the milk or is it Ulrika Eleonora Lindström's original recipe?

Pay the centre a visit and learn about the mystery and many questions surrounding Västerbotten cheese. The restaurant and café have menus based on Västerbotten cheese and the shop has all kinds of Västerbotten cheese together with delicacies, accompaniments and inspirational cook books.

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