A relaxing place where you can be both cultural and close to nature. Dorotea is the perfect base for hunting and fishing trips. Or what about bear watching? Camp sites, hostels and hotels are a few of the accommodation alternatives.

Dorotea Municipality is the southernmost of the inland municipalities in Västerbotten County and the gateway to the province of Lapland. Dorotea has eleven nature reserves. Two of them, Gitsfjället and Blaikfjället, are shared with Vilhelmina. These large reserves with expansive marshlands, foothill forests and barren mountains offer memorable outdoor experiences. Stenbithöjden, a hilly wilderness area with virgin-type forests that is shared with Åsele, is well worth a visit.

A good way to start is to roam the local heritage area and visit Dorotea church. The church was designed by noted Swedish architect Evert Milles and houses two statues by famous Swedish sculptor Carl Milles. Next to the church is the Nattvarden, or Last Supper, group of sculptures by Björn Martinius.

During the summer months you can visit Sweden's (perhaps the world's) only caravan museum, you can watch bear, go hiking or attend the Stora Återvändardagarna festival with its market and various activities.  Each year, the area is also host to an autumn market that is both popular and well attended.


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