Hemavan Tärnaby

Hemavan Tärnaby offers skiing in a fantastic mountain environment with truly thick snow. Snowmobiling, fishing and hiking along Kungsleden are also popular pursuits for visitors longing for the great outdoors. Travel here on a direct flight.

A ski resort for skiing on real mountains

Hemavan and Tärnaby are two towns in Västerbotten County in the province of Lapland that offer skiing at all levels. Hemavan and Tärnaby are only 18 kilometres apart and easiest is to take your own car or a taxi. Hemavan's skiing facilities include 10 lifts, 50 slopes, two snow parks and one ski cross arena. Hemavan also boasts the freestyle paradise Kobåset, which many consider the best freestyle facility in Sweden. Tärnaby has five lifts and 30 slopes, including Ingemarbacken, Ringbranten and Anjabacken, named after famous Swedish skiers.

Hemavan Tärnaby borders the Vindel Mountains Nature Reserve, Europe's largest untouched wilderness area. The reserve covers 550,000 hectares, and three Sami villages have their summer grazing lands within its borders. 

Hemavan is the starting point for Kungsleden, with the trail ending 450 kilometres north in Abisko. Our villages and valleys can be characterised as small scale with personal service. One major difference compared to other mountain destinations is our personal touch. There are no enormous and imposing resorts here. Perhaps this is why so many of our guests choose to come back year after year. 

Only a couple of hours away by car is Helgelandskusten in Norway, which with its beautiful archipelago is well worth a visit. 

Kungsleden » Did you know that Sweden's most famous hiking trail starts here? The "King's Trail" starts in Hemavan in the south and stretches 450 kilometres to Abisko in the north. Between the two is extremely varied terrain that offers good hiking regardless of whether you're an experienced hiker or a beginner.

Drottningleden » The "Queen's Trail" covers 9 kilometres between Laisaliden and Naturum in Hemavan. From Laisaliden, hike along the tree line and enjoy the amazing views of Norwegian peaks and glaciers. The trail is relatively easy to hike, without compromising on the feeling of being in the mountains, which makes it suitable for all hikers – big and small.

The Alpine Botanical Garden and Naturum Vindelfjällen » One of the world’s most northerly botanical gardens with hundreds of plants on display. Naturum describes, explains and provides an understanding of nature and the intrinsic values of the area. It also offers inspiration and encourages contact with nature. Exhibition and information about the Vindel Mountains Nature Reserve and Kungsleden, activities, gift shop with maps, postcards and more.  

Atoklimpen » A cultural reserve centred around Sami history and Atoklimpen, the Sami's holy mountain. Remains of settlements, reindeer enclosures and pastures show how reindeer herders lived in days gone by. 

Tärnaleden » Beautiful and easily hiked footpath alongside the Tärna River to Solberg, where you can join Kungsleden. The footpath is wide and gravelled up to the suspension bridge about 2.5 kilometres upstream from Tärnaby Camping. After the footpath you can fish, although this requires a fishing permit for Tärna FVO, which is available at Hemavan Tärnaby Tourist Office and other places. 


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