Norrbyskär has a very special story to tell about how towards the end of the 1800s a few barren, uninhabited skerries were transformed into a blossoming community, built around Europe's largest steam-powered sawmill.

The old workers' homes remain in neat rows and are now used as summer houses. The old proprietor's mansion, with its bowling alley, is now better known as Norrbyskärs Wärdshus. Immerse yourself in the area's captivating history and experience a unique archipelago environment – something out of the ordinary.

Norrbyskär Museum has exhibitions, guided tours, a café and children's activities. The island also has plenty of great little spots – so grab a picnic basket and simply enjoy the fantastic surrounds of the archipelago.

YMCA Umeå runs summer camps and courses in Norrbyskär. Every summer, they organise camps for hundreds of children of all ages. The YMCA also arranges activities such as treetop obstacle courses, canoeing and sailing.

In order to get to Norrbyskär, first travel by car or bus to Norrbyn, 36 kilometres south of Umeå. Then wait for the ferry, which takes about 15 minutes to reach the archipelago. You can pay for activities on the island by card, but the ferry captain only accepts cash.

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