Visit the local heritage area and the Inland Line Museum. Take a boat trip on the Vindel River, go canoeing, enjoy world-class fishing or simply take in the beautiful winter landscape.

Central Sorsele is easy to explore on foot, by bike or by scooter. Popular winter activities include skiing, snowmobiling and ice fishing. If you're interested in culture you can visit the local heritage area, where you can roam around the farm, the small Sami buildings and the exhibition in the barn, finishing with coffee and cake at the café.

The pleasure boat Älvkungen takes visitors on trips along the Vindel River. Take the historical route between Sorsele and Gillesnuole Chapel, or the island trip around Sorseleholmen. Älvkungen is a replica of the historical pleasure boat that trafficked the Sorsele-Gillesnuole route on the Vindel River from 1921 to 1938. The original can be seen at the Sorsele local heritage area.

Don't miss the Inland Line Museum, which traces the era of daily railcar services, when goods were sent all over Sweden. The museum tells the tale of 1289 kilometres of railway, as well as of the dreams – and disappointments – of countless people.

Fly fishing is very popular here. Within an hour's drive you can enjoy world-class fishing, regardless of whether you're interested in grayling, brown trout, char, salmon or pike and regardless of whether you want to fish in still waters, mountain lakes or small bubbling brooks. The fishing centres in Sorsele and Ammarnäs can help you plan your fishing adventure. We also have good waters for canoe trips.

Gimeguolts Nature Reserve is definitely worth a visit with its long canyon bordered by virgin forest while the sandy beaches at Skibbikudden are a popular summer destination. Nalovardo, which offers downhill skiing in the winter and lighter hiking in the summer, is another popular destination not too far from Sorsele.

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