The Vindel and Ume rivers meet here. You can buy artwork, try heavenly ice-cream flavoured with both meadowsweet and Västerbotten cheese and re-live the motorised history of the entire county.

In Vännäs, nature is never far away. Visitors can hike one of the beautiful trails, see and experience the magnificent Vindel and Ume rivers, visit the lakes in Brån and Jämtböle (which are home to countless birds), go fishing, go canoeing or take part in outdoor activities.

In the summer there are plenty of wonderful places to soak up the sun and bathe, whether at a freshwater lake or the family-oriented Vännäsbadet, one of Norrland's largest heated outdoor swimming pools.

In the winter there are well-kept electrically lighted ski tracks, a ski cross course and a ski resort at Middagsberget with two ski lifts, two slopes and Sweden's best half-pipe. There are also several long and clearly signposted snowmobile tracks that take snowmobilers to great day trip destinations.

Vännäs Motor Museum is a popular attraction, with its aviation and motor history exhibition displaying cars, aircraft, motorcycles, mopeds, boat engines, chainsaws, fire service and railway memorabilia, toys and more from the 1900s in authentic environments. The Vännäs Läger monument with its regimental buildings from the early 1900s is another.

A visit to Slöjdarnas hus is sure to prove popular. Here visitors can feel and buy assorted quality handicrafts, all made by local and regional artisans. The gallery arranges inspiring exhibitions that are well worth seeing.

Vännäs is home to a range of unique boutiques that offer shoppers inspiration. Shops with everything from antiques to clothes and handicrafts. And why not take the chance to visit one of the popular events, such as Vännäsdagarna in July, a street party featuring a market, handicrafts, entertainment, music, dancing and a funfair.

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