Sweden has four distinct seasons spinning in a wheel, each season with its own characteristics. Blooming spring, green summer, crispy autumn and snowy winter.

According to the Sami culture we have even eight seasons. Each season makes Sweden a visit worthwhile.

The season that perhaps most of all is associated with north Sweden. When the first snow transform the landscape into white and sparkling, light and joy are spread in the dark. During the winter many evenings of magic northern lights, also called aurora borealis, anticipat. Room are created for wonderful winter activities such as skiing, winter swimming, dog sledding, snowmobiling and ice skating.

The mountains in the spring is magic; sunbeams reflected in the snow, a perfect climate for skiing both downhill and cross-country, snowmobiling or go for dog sledding tours. In the cities all the snow and ice begins to melt and small green leaves and buds begin to appear. The hours of sunshine abound and the days get longer. Birds are chirping, and the people too.

The Swedish summer often begin with heat to become cooler and finish with a real heat wave. Nature dresses colorful and get rich in wildlife, rivers turn into blue and sparkling. In the north take the days never end. The eternal midnight sun is up all night long and we do not see as much as a glimpse of the dark. A season in which the hiking-routes are well visited.

Summer leaves us and autumn begins. As over a night the air becomes crispy, but that does not prevent warm winds from sweeping past. Slowly but surely becoming the surroundings turn into orange and reddish, the evenings get darker and we can behold the starry heavens and short sessions of our famous Northern Lights. A great season for trips in the forest searching for the yellow gold; chantarelles and cloudberries in the mountains.