Archipelago and boating

Västerbotten in Lapland's archipelago, located off the east coast, has a distinct character. Here you can enjoy kayaking, seal safaris, strolls, skiing trips, sea fishing, sea bathing and ice-skating. Or you can simply enjoy the moment.

Västerbotten in Lapland is a region of contrasts, from the mountains to the coast. In Västerbotten's numerous archipelagos tourists and residents alike can enjoy boating, not least in the many guest harbours dotted along the coastline.

There are many ways to enjoy the water, frozen or not. Kayaking is one good way in the summertime if you want to get close to nature and the diverse bird life, while in the winter ice-skating is a popular and fun way to glide around the islets and skerries.

One of the pearls of the archipelago is, of course, Norrbyskär,"the skerry that was the world", which is crammed with art, culture, food and activities.

Lapland in Sweden welcomes you!