Adventure on two wheels. Combine exercise, sights and fresh air.

Through forest and on mountains, thrilling downhill trails, calm leisure cycling tours or long road trips. Cycling is a fun way to get from A to B and a practical way to discover new places.

In Västerbotten in Lapland there is one destination that offer downhill biking and also have a chair lift, which means you do not have to waste strenght making your way up the mountain. At Hemavan Tärnaby Bike Park you can take the summer cableway up the mountain and then cycle down six different trails of varying levels of difficulty. You can hire the equipment when you’re there.

In Saxnäs you 
can hire bikes designed for mountain cycling and head off on your own. The area around Stekenjokk 50 km north-west of Saxnäs, is home to some of the best mountain cycle paths in Sweden. A special cycle map of the area is available from Vilhelmina Tourist Office.

Bygdsiljum south of Skellefteå, is in summertime a paradise for downhill biking. The lift takes you up on the mountain, and with the gravitation as motor you’re biking along the prepared trails. There are also a number of paths on Vitberget in central Skellefteå. Hire a mountain bike and head out!

Information on more places in Västerbotten in Lapland where you can hire Bikes and head out on journeys of discovery is available at your nearest Tourist office.


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