Eat & drink

Enjoy Västerbotten’s larder at the county’s restaurants. Game, berries, mushrooms and fish are just some of the typical ingredients of Västerbotten cuisine.

Do you love life? Then you’re in the right place! Västerbotten in Lapland is one of Sweden’s most exciting regions when it comes to food.

Reindeer and elk, salmon and salmon trout, grouse and chanterelles, cloudberries and lingonberries. The Västerbotten countryside is simply teeming with ingredients which generations of chefs have turned into delicacies on the dinner table. These ingredients form the basis for renowned Västerbotten cuisine and you can enjoy delicious food with a flavour of Västerbotten at many restaurants in the county. There are a number of excellent restaurants to try from Umeå and Skellefteå on the coast to Ammarnäs, Hemavan Tärnaby, Saxnäs and Borgafjäll in the mountains. Just ask your nearest tourist office for information.

And of course, when visiting Västerbotten in the summer you should also grab the opportunity to visit Ostens Hus, or the House of Cheese, in Burträsk. This is where they make the famous Västerbotten cheese, known as “Kejsaren bland ostar” – the King of Cheeses – and with good reason! This cheese is a favourite among many starred chefs the world over, and it’s common to find it being served at gala dinners such as the Nobel Dinners.


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