Fantastic fishing!

Västerbotten has fishing waters to suit everyone, professionals and beginners alike, and a number of areas are internationally renowned for their fishing.

There are a number of unregulated rivers in the county, where you can fish with flies and spinners. If you follow the E4 motorway along the coast and through Västerbotten, you’ll find a river where you can fish for salmon every 50 km. In Ammarnäs, you can try to catch the unique Ammarnäs salmon trout. We recommend that you hire a guide or talk to a local fishing centre or the nearest tourist office for tips.

Some highlights:

» The Vindelälven river meets the Tjulån river in Ammarnäs, creating some of the best fishing waters in the county. In Ammarnäs, you can try to catch the unique Ammarnäs salmon trout.

» Hemavan Tärnaby have a wide variety of fantastic fishing waters to choose from, with salmon trout and charr to catch. But if more advanced waters are more your thing, Tärnaån river and Tärnasjön lake are superb. 

» The classic Vojmån and Ångermanälven rivers offer salmon trout and grayling

» In Ransarån in Southern Lapland, the water in the mountain river is crystal clear and famous for its large game fish. The upper sections can be reached by helicopter, boat or hiking.

» The pike fishing here is rather special, too; along
the coast, the Sävarån and Täftefjärden are recommended in the Umeå district.

» Byske Laxdal in the Skellefteå district, with the Byskeälven river teeming with salmon running through it, brings in people from all over Europe who are keen on fishing and nature. The surrounding area, with more than 100 km of coastland and more than 30 inland lakes, offers angling, spinning and fly fishing.



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