Do you like hiking? If so, Västerbotten is the place for you. Its beautiful and dramatic landscape never fails to impress.

Västerbotten in Lapland is renowned for its fantastic hiking trails. Many people come here to walk along part of the world-famous - and 450 km long - King's Trail (Kungsleden), which passes through the centre of the high alpine Vindelfjällen mountains with their rugged peaks and undulating landscape. Others choose to ramble through the tranquility of the Björnlandet national park, or along the many trails located by the coast.

Västerbotten in Lapland has a lot to offer - both day tours and longer expeditions, hikes for adventure-lovers or for families with children. Hiking is the perfect activity for everyone - it's just a question of finding the right trail. And in Västerbotten in Lapland that is easy to do!

Some of our hiking trails:


The Mineral Trail (Mineralleden) from Vitberget to the Varuträsk mine (Varuträsk Vildmarksgruva). About 20 km long.

The Church Footpath (Kyrkstigen) between the country church (landskyrkan) in Skellefteå and the church in Burträsk, along a historical parish footpath.

The Åby River Trail (Åbyälvsleden) which runs alongside the beautiful Åby River.

The Nasa Trail (Nasaleden) leads hikers deep into the magical forests of Västerbotten. The trail starts at Krångfors, goes past the author Sara Lidman's Missenträsk, and ends up at Glommersträsk. 80 km long.


The Ice River Trail (Isälvsleden) between Vindeln and Åmsele. Passes through the landscape formed by the inland ice. About 60 km long.

The Log Floating Trail (Flottarstigen) which runs alongside the Rickle River (Rickleån) from Överklinten and then downstream to the sea. About 25 km long.

The Tavelsjö Trail (Tavelsjöleden) which starts by the regiment in Umeå and then goes on to the Tavelsjöberget and Torrberget hills with links to the Vindel River (Vindelälven) and the Vindel River Trail (Vindelälvsleden).

The Lögde River Wilderness Trail (Lögdeälvens Vildmarksled) has many splendid features of natural beauty. It is about 85 km long.

The Öre River Trail (Öreälvsleden) runs between Örträsk and Agnäs, alongside the Öre River. About 50 km long.

The mountain/inland region

The King's Trail (Kungsleden), about 450 km in total.

Klimpfjäll has both hiking and cycling trails.

Björnlandet national park is located in Åsele municipality.

Marsfjället nature reserve in Vilhelmina municipality, with hiking trails that take you straight into the heart of the nature reserve.

Blaikfjället nature reserve, located on the border between the municipalities of Vilhelmina and Dorotea.

Vindelfjällen nature reserve is located in Storuman and Sorsele municipality and is one of Europe's largest protected areas.

Vildmarksvägen, is one of Sweden's highest roads and goes from Jämtland so Swedish Lapland.