Horseback riding

You really feel at one with nature when you're on horseback out in the wilds.

Ride across the white, wide open plains - the horses will lead the way on their strong legs, up the mountainside and through the valleys. Listen to the squeaking of the snow under the horses' hooves, or enjoy the birdsong beside a rushing stream.

A number of companies in Västerbotten arrange rides in the mountains and countryside, and you can go on trips lasting anything from a day to a week. Stay in a Sami cot or a log cabin in the mountains, and grab the opportunity to combine your riding with a little fishing or birdwatching.


Winter pony treks

Mounted on horseback or snuggled up under a warm blanket in a sleigh, an adventure with horses involved is a delightful experience. Here in Västerbotten you can spend anything from an hour to several days with horses, either by the coast or up in the fells.
Our tourism businesses offer a unique experience. Get to know the horses and come home with lifelong memories.
The links below are to companies offering activities on horseback all year round.


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