Västerbotten is a county of storytellers. Several successful Swedish authors have grown up here, including Torgny Lindgren, Stieg Larsson and Sara Lidman. The tradition continues and can be experienced at events such as the Storytelling Festival in Skellefteå.

One of the great advantages of literature is that it allows you to immerse yourself in the worlds and lives of other people and cultures. Västerbotten's novelists often depict their own surroundings, so if you've read any of them you've already experienced a great deal.

However, it's quite something else to actually travel here and follow in the footsteps of your favourite author – through villages such as Raggsjö, Hjoggsjö and Moggliden – finding more pieces of the puzzle in the exciting stories that are told about the county.

One contemporary storyteller is author and illustrator Niklas Eriksson, who with his Carpe Diem comic strip tells stories every day in the Nordic countries, Europe and 190 American daily newspapers. 

Another alternative is to experience literature at a festival. The Storytelling Festival in Skellefteå does, of course, encompass a number of different storytelling traditions, both spoken and written, and offers an experience not to be missed. Storytellers from all over the world attend the festival.