The dynamic music scene of Västerbotten in Lapland thrives all year round. All kinds of festivals, concerts and performances are staged here: opera, hardcore, pop, punk, rock, blues, jazz, folk music and unexpected fusions. And then we have the guitar museum!

Västerbotten in Lapland continually creates its own soundtrack – an exciting music region with an impressively wide range.

Here you'll find NorrlandsOperan, which together with Sweden's most northerly symphony orchestra offers a generous repertoire of music and stage performances. 

Västerbotten in Lapland is also home to modern international artists such as Refused, Jonas Knutsson, Mats Öberg and Morgan Ågren, Meshuggah and The Wannadies, all of whom have been raised on the county's genuine music culture.

Jazz, pop and hardcore are genres that have been well represented for decades, and in recent years even rap music has seen the growth of strong, young voices throughout the county. These include everyone from Cleo to Gonza-Ra from the hip-hop collective Random Bastards – all great representatives of the atmosphere that permeates the county's cultural life and, not least, music scene.

Umeå hosts one of Sweden's largest festivals, Brännbollsyran, which focuses on modern dance music. It's a festival that has gone against the tide and evolved into a gathering and manifestation for live music on the last weekend of May every year. Umeå also boasts the unique Guitars – The Museum, a museum that tells the tale of music history through guitars.