Nature in Västerbotten in Lapland is magnificent, wild and beautiful. Welcome to experience it.

The windswept sea coast to the east, the magical forest inland and the majestic mountain world to the west. The dramatic changes in landscape in Västerbotten in Lapland have everything to offer anyone who loves the great outdoors. The possibilities are endless when it comes to outdoor activities in these beautiful places, no matter what the time of year.

Kayaking, boat trips, walks, skiing, sea fishing, swimming in the sea, jig fishing, cross-country skiing. There are lots of different ways of enjoying nature along the Västerbotten coast. The sea encloses everything and determines the pace. Before the ice, wild and lively, but quieter in winter while the ice allows for new activities to be enjoyed.

Inland, the forest is very much in charge. It’s ideal for agreeable activities such as walking and cross-country skiing. Everything is quiet and still amongst the trees, so you’ll find it easy to think, easy to relax, easy to shrug off the stresses of everyday life.

The further west you go in Västerbotten, the more hilly the landscape. The mountain massif, a thousand years old, looms large. And soon you’ll be in places that every year entice thousands of visitors wanting to ski – both downhill and cross-country – and go hiking.

Hemavan Tärnaby is said to be one of the very best places in Sweden for downhill skiing. This place is one important reason as to why people call Västerbotten in Lapland Skidornas Rike, or the Kingdom of Skis. The two mountain villages were where downhill legends Ingemar Stenmark and Anja Pärson were born and bred, as well as other world stars such as Stig Strand and Jens Byggmark.

Other mountains where grand slopes offer some fantastic skiing are Kittelfjäll, Borgafjäll, Klimpfjäll and Ammarnäs.

The rich variety of nature in Västerbotten in Lapland also includes animals, of course. At the coast, you’ll see seals out at sea, while inland you’ll meet great grouse and black grouse and in the mountains you’ll encounter grouse and reindeer. Elks, bears, foxes, wolverines and lynx are other animals that reside in Västerbotten in Lapland.