Rafting and canoeing

Fun water activities for all the family

There’s plenty of water in Västerbotten in Lapland, which means plenty of opportunities for both sea and river activities. Experience the wilds from the water on your own or with guided tours.

» White Water Rafting: Action-packed adventure on the Vindelälven river, classified as some of the best waters in the world for whitewater rafting.

» Canoeing: Try a sea kayak in the Västerbotten archipelago or one of our many rivers. Canoeing is a good option for families as the Öreälven and Laisaälven rivers, for example, are beautiful places to try your hand at canoeing. Or go canoeing or row trolling, or simply enjoy a voyage of discovery on a mountain lake, for example Kultsjön in Saxnäs or Gäutan in Tärnaby, with the beautiful mountains in the background.

» Beaver Safari: Go canoeing with a guide and see some exciting animal life.

» Tour Boats: Experience a relaxed trip on the Vindelälven or Umeälven river and learn more about the surroundings.