Sami Culture

Sami culture is all about so much more than just reindeer. In Västerbotten in Lapland, you can get to know the Sami ways in lots of different regards; through the people, the tales they have to tell, their art, their music, and their traditions and history.

For instance, you can visit craftsmen working on duodji (genuine Sami handicrafts), listen to tales from Sápmi (the land of the Sami) or enjoy a good yoik, a kind of improvised Sami chant. Find out more about mountain plants, hunting in a land without borders, or visit a Sami mountain farm.

You’ll find mountain camps and Sami cots both old and new all over Västerbotten in Lapland. The first Sami cultural reserve is here, too. On the holy mountain of Atoklimpen are traces of reindeer farming dating back to prehistoric times. The Sami church village of Fatmomakke has been a place for Sami and settlers to meet since the 18th century.

People, stories, important meeting places and crafts will bring you closer to the Sami culture. Discover the area on your own, or take a guide with you on a trip you’ll never forget.