The range of shopping available in Västerbotten in Lapland is a bit like a reflection of the county itself: varied and full of surprises.

Just look at Skellefteå. 168 steps between three major shopping centres. This close, cosy feeling is reinforced by a number of pleasant cafés and restaurants. Or Umeå, with its range of awardwinning and unique shops where you can find clothing, craft items and lots more besides. Kungsgatan is a good place to start if you fancy shopping in the City of Birches. In Umeå you will also find the new commercial area, Avion Shopping and IKEA.

Lycksele has been an inland trading centre for 400 years. The pedestrian area is lined with department stores, special shops, cafés and restaurants nowadays.

Shops and shopping centres can be found in all the main towns in the county, and you’ll find some real gems along the roads and in the countryside. Tiny shops, craftsmen and trading locations; village shops selling everything from nails to beef. It’s worthwhile looking for things that are truly unique to the county of Västerbotten. Handicrafts – or simply a few Västerbotten delicacies.