Snowshoeing is a fun and exciting adventure for everyone. Fasten your snowshoes and head straight out into the deep snow. Your snowshoes will carry you over the white expanse.

A snowshoe walk is an adventure that anyone can enjoy. Tours can be tailored to the participant’s abilities and sometimes setting straight out into the pristine snow of the forest or out on the fells may be a better fit for you than a tour across a hard, frozen lake.

Snowshoes are the perfect equipment for venturing, peacefully and silently, deep into the snow-covered landscape. Some of our facilities let you borrow or hire snowshoes to use by yourself – ask when you book. Other tourism companies offer longer tours that allow you to explore the region in the company of a guide. Below are some links to companies happy to take you on a fabulous snowshoeing experience through an amazing winter landscape in Västerbotten.

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