Västerbotten Experience

Looking for the true culture and nature of Västerbotten? Then keep your eyes open for Västerbotten Experience.

Looking for the true culture and nature of Västerbotten? Then keep your eyes open for Västerbotten Experience.


It’s a classification of places and areas where accommodation, food and activities are based on sustainability. Where nature and culture are in focus, and the food largely consists of locally produced ingredients. Everything you experience during a Västerbotten Experience is characterized by Västerbotten's lifestyle and hospitality. And it is always relatively accessible.

 The idea is simply to give you as much of the true Västerbotten as possible during your visit.

What’s the story?

It all started with an analysis of how to make product development and marketing activities in the Västerbotten tourist industry more effective.

We investigated how different destinations and tourism companies, could become an integral part of the sustainable development that the world, Sweden and the region are all behind. By using UN-initiated methods for sustainable development, regional strengths and weaknesses were identified.

The starting point was to find a holistic way to present our core values: genuine, welcoming and contrasting – while adding a sense of excitement and mystery: the Västerbotten Experience.

An action program was developed to strengthen the sustainability of companies and destination companies; we identified shortcomings in the coordination, responsibility and implementation of important sustainability measures. We proposed how these deficiencies were to be addressed so that tourism could be intertwined with the rest of society for mutual benefit.

Together with the Västerbotten tourist industry, we want to:


  • Implement the action programs in the destination and tourism companies who are prepared to take on the challenge of becoming world leaders in sustainability.


  • Quality-assure the companies who want a formal status as sustainable/ environmentally friendly. 


  • Make sure that all the Västerbotten Experience destinations are certified within the whole concept of sustainability: socially, economically and ecologically. They should be role models regarding environmental considerations, climate-smart solutions and local responsibility, as well as being able to protect and care for nature and culture.

 To become a Västerbotten Experience, the contenders get training in both sustainability and export knowledge.


A true story

The Västerbotten Experience is always based on a true story. And it's a story that is on-going. Right now, the following listed companies are classified as Västerbotten Experience, but the list will be continue to grow.





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