Travel to Västerbotten in Lapland

Excellent roads and regularly scheduled service mean it’s easy to get around Västerbotten by car, coach, boat and train. Below you’ll find an overview of communication opportunities to and from the county.

All roads lead to Västerbotten in Lapland

Västerbotten is Sweden’s second most northern county. Even though it’s located far to the north, it is easy to get here. It just takes 90 minutes to fly from Stockholm to the Alpine metropolis of Hemavan-Tärnaby – one of Sweden’s absolute best downhill skiing areas.

Flights to both the city and wilderness

The number and range of flights to Västerbotten in Lapland has never been better. Now you can choose among daily flights to six airports: Umeå, Skellefteå, Lycksele, Storuman, Hemavan and Vilhelmina. The following airlines serve Västerbotten in Lapland:

Here are the county’s airports on the web:

Train and Resplus

Do you prefer travelling to Västerbotten in Lapland with SJ. You can find timetables and book tickets at You can also book Resplus tickets on the website. These let you have your entire trip on a single ticket, regardless of how you are travelling or which companies are involved. During the summer it  also is possible to travel with Inlandsbanan, The Inland Railway. You can find more information and timetables at


At you’ll find coach times to and from Västerbotten in Lapland. The coach lines Norrlandskusten and Kustbussen are operated by Connex and take you to and from Umeå and Skellefteå.


Are you in Finland and want to come to Västerbotten in Lapland? Then take the Wasaline ferry. Trips take 4,5 hours between Vasa and Umeå.